• Bloom provides schemes of learning and workshops for teachers and their students to bring the natural world into everyday living and learning, within the existing curriculum.



    Connecting teachers and young people to nature through secondary education

  • Why is nature important to young people's education?


    ​- It benefits their health and well-being so they are more engaged in lessons

    - It expands their minds and encourages responsibility for their environment

    - Nature’s principles guide them to develop values for everyday life

    - It provides a novel lens through which all subjects can be viewed


    See our article on the Education Exchange: 

    'Connecting the curriculum to nature can deepen learning'


    'Teaching the Bloom non-fiction programme gave my students an appreciation of nature that I don't know they would have otherwise had. Students notice and tell me about aspects of the natural world that they have come across outside of lessons, such as patterns in fruit or flowers. I feel like I too have developed a greater appreciation of nature, through teaching it.'

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  • What we do

    Bloom is a Community Interest Company (CIC) providing educational programmes and workshops which include:


    - KS3 English and PSHE

    - Outdoor workshops for students

    - Online CPD workshops for teachers

    - Teacher training to support the Bloom programmes


  • How we do it

    We have developed a step-wise approach that integrates nature into curriculum topics. This is the Bloom Method.

    Read more about the Bloom method here


  • Bloom and Covid19

    We know that the Covid19-lockdown experience for young people has created anxiety, disquiet and uncertainty. It's been incredibly difficult for teachers and parents to keep pupils involved in their education and to provide material online. We've been able to support some teachers during lockdown and we've developed outdoor workshops when pupils can enjoy, connect with and learn about nature as well as cover a specific topic in the English or PSHE curriculum.


    Being part of something bigger

    Coronavirus has really brought home to all of us that we are part of something bigger. Contrary to what modern Western culture tells us to believe, we humans cannot survive as individuals. We too, are dependent on many other things – we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. And something is nature. That's why we feel now is the time to put nature at the heart of our thinking and incorporate it into lessons.

  • Our Story

    Our founder, Jane MacRae's vision was the ‘seed’ for Bloom. “My idea for Bloom grew out of many years of secondary teaching and reflecting on the purpose of education. At the same time I was deeply concerned about the precarious state of the natural world. Added to that was my awareness of young people's need for mental and emotional stability…” read more here

  • Would you like to know more?

    Are you a teacher, parent, supporter, young person or well-wisher? Would you like to know more or do you know someone who might be interested? Get in touch with us anytime.

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