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    We are grateful to the generous organisations and individuals who support us.

    Human Values Foundation, CEO Rosemary Dewan:

    'Drawing on life-enriching properties flowing from the natural world, Bloom courses empower secondary school students with multiple competencies.'

    Author, John Lewis-Stempel:

     Best selling author on Natural History. His book, ‘The Running Hare' is one of the texts in our KS3 non-fiction course, ‘lucky are the schools to have been touched by Bloom.’

    Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex, Professor Dave Goulson FRSE FRES:

    says 'honoured to be a supporter of Bloom.’ His book, ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’, is one of the texts in our KS3 non fiction course.

    Former founder CEO of Business in the Community, Stephen O’Brien CBE:

    ‘I am convinced Bloom’s ‘Nature in Education’ is a vital addition to the secondary school curricula and am delighted to be named as one of their supporters.’

    Ipsewilderness, Julia Gillick:

    ‘For a literature teacher with a Romantic sensibility and a love of nature, this is a soul-affirming project which I whole heartedly support and with which I am delighted to be involved.’

    The Wilderness Foundation, CEO Jo Richardson:

    ‘The Wilderness Foundations ethos is to connect young people to nature to transform vulnerable lives and empower them to conserve the natural environment. Bloom complements our mission to do this, through creating valuable connections between young people and nature within the classroom.’



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