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    Why did I decide to start Bloom?


    My idea for Bloom grew out of many years of secondary teaching and reflecting on the purpose of education. At the same time I was deeply concerned about the precarious state of the natural world. Added to that was my awareness of young people's need for mental and emotional stability.


    After coming across the concept of harmony in my reading it became clear that harmony should be at the heart of the Bloom project. Underlying this concept are a number of principles which are evident in the natural world such as interdependence, cycles, diversity, adaptability and health to name but some.


    I developed the idea of using the natural world and 7 of its principles, to teach us how to live in harmony. I could see that almost any academic subject could link with the 7 principles and they would provide a curriculum with the coherence and meaning that teachers and pupils so often seek.

    How has Bloom grown over time?


    Bloom is still in its infant years. We launched in 2018, trialling our courses in English and PSHE at two London-based academies. To our (and the schools') delight both programmes were a success.


    We held a workshop in May 2019 to explore teachers' thoughts on our ideas. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive! In the academic year 2019-20 five schools in and around London signed up to the Bloom programmes, including our original guinea pig academies. Despite Covid one school taught and even expanded our English course online. An incredible feat. This September again Covid and the needs it engenders has dominated schools but still some schools are doing our courses. We have lots of new ideas and are growing apace.


    We are currently a team of 6 teachers and other professionals and keen to welcome others on board.


    Word is spreading and we hope that more schools will sign up soon!

    What's next?


    We believe Bloom is at the outset of a long and successful journey. We hope to lead the way in education that gives pupils a reason to care for the natural world and to lead happy lives.


    Having seen how pupils have benefitted academically and personally from the Bloom approach to lessons we want more schools to know about our novel, holistic approach to education. If you are interested or think you can help do get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you!

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