• Noticing Nature

    Simple Wonders of Nature


    Some of the Bloom team and a few of our teachers were talking the other day about how we’ve come to appreciate nature even more at the moment. Lots of people have been writing about their nature moments as the pandemic has got more of us out into parks and local green spaces.

    Only last week Annabel was full of joy about the little stream she came across on her early morning walk; then I got a beautiful photo of a spider’s web glittering on a bush from Elizabeth. Nigel, forever looking out for butterflies, was so delighted to see a Painted Lady a while ago at his allotment. Elizabeth said it’s those moments when the normal becomes extraordinary.

    How about turning random nature moments into a form-time starter? Pupils could talk about their #noticenature moment of the week and how it made them feel – it could be the amazing shape of a leaf they saw on the ground, the intricate network of its veins, the texture of some tree bark, the astonishing way tangerine skin envelops the segments, the shape a rain drop makes in a puddle ………


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