• Meet the Team

    Jane MacRae

    Bloom founder, Jane MacRae, taught biology for over 20 years. She held a number of senior roles in secondary school. Jane has an MSc in the history and philosophy of science and a PhD in cellular biology.

    When Jane left teaching she decided to start Bloom to bring nature and all it has to teach us into the secondary curriculum. The awe and wonder of nature had always been close to Jane’s heart and she wanted every student to have the chance to connect with and experience that same joy and wonder. She believes that understanding nature, asking big questions about how it works, and connecting with it, brings a relevance to education that is intellectually and emotionally satisfying. Read Jane's blog The Bloom Journey

    Annabel Lubikowski

    Annabel Lubikowski was Head of Economics in a secondary school in Central London for 15 years. She has held various pastoral and safeguarding roles and was also Head of PSHE for a number of years during which time she gained considerable experience in addressing the well-being of young people. She has a BA in Social Science and produced an MPhil on a study of the housing market.

    Annabel believes that humanity is at a pivotal stage in its development and that we need to discover new ways of caring for ourselves, each other and the planet; we therefore need to understand how the natural world operates and discover the lessons that nature can teach us. She is a fan of circular economics which advocates that we work with and within the cycles of the living world which ties in closely with the Bloom approach. As a teacher, Annabel has always sought to provide her students with a clear framework within which they can develop their understanding of any subject and this is exactly what Bloom offers.

    Amy Druce

    Amy is a practising English teacher with 15 years’ classroom experience. She has held various departmental and whole school roles, and is currently Head of Professional Learning at School 21 in Stratford.

    Amy is passionate about teaching and learning and has a wide repertoire of classroom approaches that she brings to Bloom course design. She believes that the natural world has much to teach us, academically, socially and emotionally, and wants all young people to be given the chance to create a personal connection with the world around them.


    Julia Gillick

    Julia is an eco-therapy facilitator, well-being practitioner and English teacher of 18 years’ experience with 7 years as Head of Department designing schemes of work in Secondary Schools.

    Julia is a Romantic at heart; believing that the natural world has a great deal to teach us, and that meaningful connection to nature can enrich the understanding and well-being of everyone. She is passionate about making nature relevant to everyday life and using personal engagement with nature’s qualities to unlock powerful lessons for life. Julia loves nothing more than taking learning outside and using the Bloom Method to create tangible change in the world.


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