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Nature connection in the kitchen

Annabel Lubikowski

I love receiving my box of organic fruit and veg from Riverford and recently you never know quite what is coming! A recent article on their Wicked Leeks website by Lucy Jones reminds us that there are so many opportunities to connect with nature in the kitchen. As Bloom advocates, using our senses to see, smell and taste is so beneficial for our well-being. She writes ' this pandemic, when everything seems to take on a strange intensity in the face of potential threat, I have started to see the vegetables in a new way. It started with radishes. As I was slicing the roots to pickle, I noticed that when cut open, the radish had intricate and beautifully symmetrical patterning. The hot pink wasn’t just on the outside, it was bleeding into the ice white body, and creating ink-like lines which fanned across the circle. It was meditative and calming to chop slowly and take time to notice the colours and patterns.'

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