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IVET Conference

16th October 2020


Friday 16th October

This wonderful conference attended by people from 20 countries around the world was deeply inspiring. Presentations from a range of organisations such as the charity ‘Don’t Lose Hope’ as well as schools, made it clear that they really put their values into practise and use them to guide all that they do. The CEO of VbE, Bridget Knight, who is also a working head teacher quoted 9 year old Ben,’ Value based education makes me feel safe… and give me something to lean back on……….and I will have them forever.’ VbE has transformed failing schools in deprived areas into places where children genuinely care for each other, discover joy and purpose in their lives and are able to work to a higher standard. Teachers have to model what they are asking their pupils to practice so they are much happier too. And schools have been able to help families as well as the local communities. Please check out the VbE website and think about recommending it to your head teacher.

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